Blakely’s Beef

Know Your BEEF

100% Naturally Raised Angus and Hereford Beef
Grass Raised & Grain Finished
Hormone, Steroid, & Antibiotic Free

About Blakely’s Beef

There is nothing that compares to farm fresh, naturally raised beef! Since the day Blakely, our daughter, was born, we have felt compelled to create Blakely’s Beef. We take tremendous pride in the way to raise our beef. We believe in tradition and performance. And we promise to uphold the highest standards in our cattle genetics and provide you with a trusted local source of all-natural beef products.

Our Process

Blakely’s Beef has the ability to roam free in our pastures, with the freedom from steroids, growth hormones, and antibiotics. Once the cattle have fully matured, Blakely’s Beef is humanely processed locally and USDA inspected. Our process to get the Beef to your freeze will remain authentic and upload the quality of this product.

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Ordering Information

Blakely’s Beef is currently available for purchase: Fill out our form here, or give us a call today to place your order!

We are now offering Halves & Quarters of our locally raised beef.

Half Beef: 300-350 lbs at $3.80/pound plus processing costs
Quarter Beef: 150-175 lbs $3.80/pound plus processing costs

For individual cuts will be $5.75/pound to see a list of cuts available click here.

To place an order by phone call: 443-821-5069.


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