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KL Lemmon & Son Farm Fresh Turkeys are located in Manchester, Maryland, and has been family-owned and operated since 1984. Kendall Lemmon is the founder of KL Lemmon & Son, where in addition to the turkey operation, he also has been farming hay, straw, and grain alongside his wife, Vicky. Since then, his family has continued to grow and now works alongside his son Kyle, daughter-in-law, Nicole and grandchildren, who will carry on the family tradition of what Kendall has started. Our turkeys are locally grown, free-range, and able to mingle in open-air with readily available food and water inside a warm barn, and they can come and go as they please. We also purchase the turkey’s feed from a local feed dealer. From start to finish, everything takes place locally. We believe in the importance of supporting our small local businesses. We take the utmost pride in raising our turkeys because we know the turkey is the center of a family meal. Our customers look for the tenderness, flavor, and juiciness that our turkeys offer. This comes from the practices of how our farm fresh turkeys are raised and processed.

We sell over 1000 plus turkeys between Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Our turkeys will range from 10-35 pounds. Turkey’s are unique because they are hybrid converters and bred for feed to meat efficiency. The ideal Turkey size for most of our customers depends on the number of individuals sitting around the table. We typically recommend estimating a pound per person.

There is nothing that compares to a farm fresh turkey! Looking for a farm fresh turkey for the holidays or a gift to give as appreciation? Give us a call today to place your order today!

Turkey Price:
3.99 per lb

2023 Pick Up Dates: 
Tuesday, November 21, 2023 
Wednesday, November 22, 2023
Pick Up Times:
8 am - 6 pm 
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2516 Ebbvale Rd 
Manchester, Maryland 21102 



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